OUR story

In the vibrant city of Berlin, friends Heinrich, Karl, and Malik shared a deep passion for music and technology.

As DJs themselves, they often found themselves frustrated with the lack of reliable information and resources available for gear and industry news.

The idea sparked excitement among the trio, and they decided to turn their vision into reality. Thus, DJ Techvibe was born.

Pooling their expertise and fueled by their shared enthusiasm, Heinrich, Karl, and Malik embarked on a mission to create a platform that revolutionized the way DJs discover and purchase gear.

They dedicated themselves to curating a selection of top-quality equipment while ensuring affordability and accessibility for all DJs.

As the sun sets over Berlin, Heinrich, Karl, and Malik reflect on their journey with pride and excitement for the future. For them, DJ Techvibe represents not just a business venture, but a passion project—a labor of love that has brought joy and inspiration to DJs worldwide.

We offer a curated selection of audio equipment, insightful reviews, and industry news to help DJs elevate their craft and connect with others who share their passion for music.

DJ Techvibe is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, at the heart of the vibrant music and tech scene. However, our platform serves DJs, producers, mixers worldwide, connecting them with top-quality gear, expert advice, and a thriving community of music enthusiasts.

We aim to revolutionize the DJing experience, providing DJs, producers adn mixers of all levels with the tools and resources they need to elevate their craft and connect with others who share their passion for music.

Meet the team

Heinrich Schmidt
Heinrich Schmidt Managing Director
Heinrich Schmidt is a passionate DJ and music enthusiast based in Berlin, Germany. With a background in technology and a love for electronic beats, Heinrich co-founded DJ Techvibe to address the need for a centralized platform catering to DJs' needs.
Malik Ndour
Malik Ndour Head of Digital
Malik Ndour is a dynamic DJ and music producer with a deep-rooted passion for electronic music. Originally from Berlin, Germany, Malik co-founded DJ Techvibe to create a space where DJs could access top-quality gear and connect with like-minded individuals.
Karl Schuster
Karl Schuster Content Manager
Karl Schuster is a seasoned DJ and tech aficionado hailing from Berlin, Germany. With years of experience behind the decks and a keen eye for innovation, Karl co-founded DJ Techvibe to revolutionize the way DJs discover and purchase gear. His expertise and passion for music drive him to continually enhance the platform and provide valuable resources for DJs of all levels.

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